Welcome to Lauren's Bakery!

Shipping boxes of homemade brownies, blondies, rocky road and cookies across the UK to you and your loved ones!

All products are produced in a 5 star Food Hygiene rated kitchen.

Customer Feedback

Amazing cupcakes and brownies I had from Lauren! The best brownie was the mars one and probably the best Iv had!

Lauren - Facebook

Definitely going back for more.

Sharon - Facebook

Simply the best brownies I have ever eaten. Lauren never fails to make amazing cakes! I ordered a tray of biscoff brownies and even though I live 200 miles away they was with me less than 2 days later. 10/10 for communication, price and taste!

Katie - Facebook

Oh my word! I ordered some brownies today - half biscoff and half mint chocolate - which arrived all safely packed today and I’ve had to put a warning sticker on them!!! I’ve only had half of one and I think I’m addicted! My only complaint is that I have to give half of them to my sister! So, so yummy, thanks Lauren.

Barbara - Facebook

I got mine today... oh my goodness... so yummy! Rich and delicious and have that amazing home made touch!! Really good quality, generous sized brownies!


That was the best chocolate brownie I've ever eaten after my granddaughter posted one through my letterbox yesterday. I was only going to eat half and then ate it all in one go!

Merle - Facebook

They are by far the best brownies I have ever tasted! Made my day!

John - Facebook

This lady knows how to make the perfect Brownie! They arrived by post and I couldn't wait to open them...

They were really yummy and I will definitley be ordered again! xxx

Kim - Facebook